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Business insurance can help you manage and minimize the risk that is apparent with every business. Insurance providers offer multiple different options to fit your business type the best. The most popular types of business insurance include; professional liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, business liability insurance and umbrella liability insurance.

Classes of Business Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance:

  • This insurance protects your business and yourself in the occurrence that a client suffers financial loss as a consequence of your professional services.
  • This insurance is different from General Liability which provides protection from a bodily injury claim.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance:

  • This class of insurance offers disability and medical coverage for your business employees in the event that there is a work related incident. The employer’s liability section of most Workers’ Compensation policies protects your company if an employee files suit stating that their injury was directly related to negligence caused by your company.

Business Liability Insurance Policy (Business Owners Policy):

  • This policy protects your business if a client is injured on your premises or if you or one of your employees injures a client at your location.
  • This type of policy also meets your landlord’s prerequisite that you carry business premises liability insurance.

Umbrella Liability Insurance:

  • This type of insurance provides coverage for claims that exceed your general liability insurance.
  • Additional coverage maybe applied to your Employer’s Liability coverage, Worker’s Compensation policy or your Commercial Auto coverage.

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